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Which best describes your company's current marketing situation?

 We're currently evaluating online marketing options for our company We're in the process of determining the budget of our company's online marketing We currently have budget allocated for online marketing strategies

When do you plan on implementing any new online initiatives?

 0-3 months 4-6 months not sure

Do you want to learn more about marketing your products, services ?

 Yes, please send me more info Yes, please call me to discuss my specific needs

Which online marketing tactics are your company using now or considering?

 Banner Ads Blog design & set up Web Site design / redesign Local Directory Listings Pay-per-click or Sponsored Search Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Blog & social media options Flash product presentations video web site spokes person Other / elaborate in comments section below

What are your company's marketing goals?

 Driving more visitors to our company's website Increasing our brand awareness Promoting our products, services or events Generating sales leads Other

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