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Welcome to SEO Houston Web. Our SEO consulting firm in Houston, Texas provides a broad range of services, including search engine optimization, PPC service, social media marketing, blog design, industrial marketing, website optimization and marketing, and other affordable SEO services.

Benefits of Monthly SEO Services

  • Monthly service from a SEO specialist increases focused traffic to your website, which increases sales revenue
  • Lower web site marketing costs, due to a lower cost per lead than brochure mailings and other traditional advertising methods
  • Increases market share, visibility for your brand, and targets niche markets

Choose the Right Company for SEO Services

Selecting a qualified SEO specialist is essential to the success of your PPC, search engine marketing, or custom web site design project. Before hiring any firm, ask how long they have been executing campaigns, how many projects they have executed, white types of clients, and how many full time programmers, content writers, and designers are on staff.

There are many reasons to choose our SEO consulting firm. We provide comprehensive SEO services using ethical organic SEO strategies that are customized to the unique needs of each client. Our ultimate goal is to increase targeted traffic with qualified prospects for your website to increase sales, visibility, and market share. We have completed more than 1025 projects.

Getting the Top Spots in the Search Engines

Search engines are how people find products and services online, so placement in the search engine results is essential to successful marketing. People click the top results, so if you aren’t in the Top 20 you are losing business and if you’re not in the Top 40, you don’t exist. Consider these statistics:

  • Search engines, such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo are the #1 way people find websites
  • 50-80% of all online traffic should be coming via search engines
  • 90% of all internet users only view the first 20 listings and first two pages of search engine results
  • Search engine listings are updated about every 30 days

If you don’t implement search engine optimization regularly, your website will be wiped off the list. Our interactive marketing agency in Houston, Texas provides a broad range of SEO services to help our clients improve rankings and generate more quality traffic. We provide SEO content writing service, Pay Per Click advertising, Pay Per Click management, and other services to meet the specific needs of each brand or business.

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There are three top proven methods to obtain quality traffic to your website:

  • PPC : Pay Per Click Advertizing
  • SEO : Search Engine Optimization
  • SMM : Social Media Marketing


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